Serge Chistov

    Serge Chistov is Chief Financial Partner for the Honest Marijuana Co., and is a Cannabis Industry Expert. His articles focus on technology, innovation, and current political relations. Honest Marijuana has been a leader in cannabis innovation since it’s inception, and with an organic approach to the growth, production, and packaging of cannabis, the company launched the first-ever organic hemp wrapped machine rolled blunts. Honest Marijuana has patented Nanobidiol Technology and is the first company to bring THC-O-Acetate technology and products to market.

    Marijuana Market Trends: Look East

    By Serge Chistov, State legalization is the first step in ongoing growth of this multibillion dollar industry and the East coast market just got another boost, earlier...

    What You Need to Know to Become a Smart Cannabis Consumer

    Whether you’ve recently tried marijana a few times and are learning, or haven’t tried it since your erstwhile misspent youth, cannabis is becoming the...

    The Benefits Of Organic Marijuana

    Organic vegetables are sometimes twice the price of non organic vegetables. Are the benefits worth it? I guess that depends on who you ask. When...

    Cooking With Cannabis: 7 Easy Tips For Beginners

    Written By:Anthony Franciosi For beginners, cooking with cannabis may seem like an incredibly daunting task. In many ways, it is — there’s a lot to...

    Cannabis and the Path to Sustainability

    What is the current state of sustainability in cannabis?  From a regulatory standpoint, sustainability is not a requirement for the cultivation of cannabis. Right now,...

    Securing Funding and Strategic Investing Within the Cannabis Industry

    By Serge Chistov, Chief Financial Partner, Every new industry experiences some obstacles at the outset, particularly when it comes to securing funding. Investors, whether...

    A Perspective on Cannabis Use in the Workplace

    How are the latest governmental policies dictating the legal usage of cannabis in the workplace? Cannabis is still not a socially acceptable substance. I am...

    The Confusion Between Hemp and Pot

    Although they have different functions, cultivation and application, our lawmakers seem to still be confusing the two; causing serious issues for farmers and transporters.

    The Future of the Cannabis Industry Is Mighty and Tiny, at the Same Time

    When you think about cannabis and the businesses that market it, you must think beyond the traditional image of the rolled-up joint. These days,...

    Honest Answers: COVID-19 & the Cannabis Industry

    Serge Chistov, Honest Marijuana's Chief Financial Partner, sat down with NUGL Magazine for a Q & A on the impacts COVID-19 is having on...

    Honest Answers: 2020 Election

    Serge Chistov discusses the impact 2020 Election might have on legalization, his thoughts on the 2019 cannabis stock plunge, technological and product innovations we can expect in 2020.

    THC-O-Acetate: the Newest Way to Combat Anxiety and Insomnia

    Different strains of marijuana, even synthetic ones, aren’t a new concept. THC-O Acetate, while also not new, has been redeveloped to provide consumers with a different kind of high: one that can make day to day anxiety or insomnia a thing of the past.


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