Ellcee Love

    My name is Ellcee Love, and I'm the founder and CEO of Regeneration CBD as well as Heal Our Earth Campaign, and most recently, co-creator of "Wellness With Love" at NUGL. I've been gifted many titles in the healing space, though more simply, I'm a woman who is extremely passionate about sharing knowledge to help others live their most joyful life. I have been deeply involved in the Burning Man community for the past 7 years. Growing and sharing conscious community values with love is very important to me, as is helping our planet. In addition, I advocate and publicly speak on the importance of healing our earth, our only home, as often as I can. I understand the power and need for self love, and of having a space where you feel connected to others, because united is how we thrive! I would like to Kiss: Keep It Simple Sweetheart, and grow with all of you!

    Wellness With Love

    Hello beautiful beings, I'm Ellcee Love.  I'm the creator of Regeneration CBD, Wellness Warriors Non-Profit, and United Earth Campaign aka The Marshmallow Effect.  In...

    Regeneration CBD is Made With Love

    Hi, my name is Ellcee, I’m the creator and CEO of Regeneration CBD. People ask me all the time what sets us apart? With so...

    Giving the Gift of Gratitude

    The holiday season is fast approaching, only this time, much of what we have taken for granted in our daily lives has been uprooted...

    United Guided Meditation

    Hello everyone, I’m Ellcee Love and this is Wellness with Love.  With everything happening in the world right now I’d like to share a few...

    Introducing: Wellness with Love, Ellcee Love

    Welcome, my name is Ellcee Love, and I'm the founder and CEO of Regeneration CBD, Heal Our Earth Campaign, and most recently, co-creator of...


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