Angry Grower

    Angry Grower started growing in a hollowed-out stereo speaker at the early age of 16. The experience of growing his own buds flowered into a love for the cannabis plant and seeded his resentment for society. Over the next 15 years, the Angry Grower was a recluse from civilization but mastered the art of growing cannabis. He quickly advanced from farm hand to trimmer to finally heading multiple greenhouse and commercial grows. Most notably he became the Master Grower of a 2-acre outdoor and 40,000 sq. ft. indoor grow facility in Oregon. He managed a team of 15 while expanding the farm’s operations by more than 30%! He also improved global branding and increased the overall quality and plant yield. In spite of his growing badassery, the staff turned on him and ran him out of Oregon, coining him, the “Angry Grower”. Finding his way to NUGL he now answers grow questions for NUGL’s growing community.

    Grow, Micro, and Bloom by Diablo Nutrients

    Angry Grower here with another review of Diablo Nutrients! This time I tested out their 3 part essential nutrient line, Grow, Micro, and Bloom,...

    Monster Frost by Diablo Nutrients

    For those of you who haven't been following my weekly growth report on Instagram, over the last few weeks, we have been testing Monster...

    Make the Most of Your Crop

    The Angry Grower has new techniques to improve the yield of your plants.

    Tips For Preparing Your Garden

    As the days grow warmer and longer, your opportunity to establish a garden this year is running out. So, get started NOW. Don’t worry,...

    The Angry Grower: Avoiding and Identifying Pests In Your Garden

    Your ability to identify the pests in your garden depends not only on your attention to detail and knowledge but your tools as well,...

    Getting Started on Your Indoor Garden

    Choosing your Growing Medium for Indoors When it comes to growing mediums, there are several different choices from Rockwool, to Hydrocorn, to Vermiculite. Some work...

    Ask the Angry Grower

    Have a question or just feel like aggravating the Angry Grower? Ask your question in the comments below and see if he bites! Angry Grower...


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