An Interview with NUGL CEO, CJ Melone

    Hey guys this is Backdoor Marketing with Jessica, and today we had the pleasure of speaking with CEO and cofounder of NUGL, CJ Melone, to ask the crucial questions: “What is NUGL?”, “Why should I NUGL?”, and “What’s next for NUGL?”

    So What is NUGL?

    NUGL is a cannabis-focused multimedia platform combining a business search directory with social media and networking tools. We offer a user-driven and unbiased cannabis search tool for both businesses and consumers. Our software is seamlessly integrated with our digital and print publications, and our internal cannabis-friendly ad server, to boost your business’ reach and exposure. NUGL is community-driven and user-focused. Together with our fans, we’ve built an environment where content, services, and networking capabilities for all things cannabis are welcomed and enjoyed by all.

    Jessica: Happy 4:20 Cannabis Connoisseurs, and welcome to Backdoor Marketing with Jessica! Today we have special guest CJ Malone, CEO & Co-Founder of NUGL. Welcome CJ and thank you for being here!

    CJ: Thank you so much for having me, it’s my pleasure.

    Jessica: CJ, NUGL has come a long way, from its humble beginnings as a canna-based search app, to what it has become today. For those who are unfamiliar, or perhaps only familiar with NUGL’s original application, would you explain to our readers, what exactly NUGL is?

    CJ: NUGL is a search directory with multi-media platforms for the Cannabis, CBD, and Hemp business community. We literally and figuratively put cannabis, CBD, and Hemp businesses on the map. Our interactive map helps consumers locate their favorite product or dispensary, and our plethora of multimedia platforms help businesses grow and gain brand recognition. We also do various special events throughout the year to help brands get exposure, and allow consumers to discover new products and services.

    Jessica: As some may have noticed, NUGL seems to have been recently working behind the scenes and out of the public eye. How has NUGL been positioning itself through the pandemic?

    CJ: It’s been tough I won’t lie. If we didn’t have the team in place prior to the shut down it would have been a lot tougher. We made a choice as a company to take advantage of the downtime, and use it to our advantage. We used it to get a lot of things done that we previously didn’t have time to do when we were growing and moving so fast-paced. We rebuilt the apps to meet Apple and Android compliance for 2021, hired a new marketing team, expanded our content with the magazine, and solidified our internal policies and procedures for the public markets. But most of all, we focussed on dispensaries because we wanted to grow the retail sector and support the effort on the front lines. 

    Jessica: From a consumer perspective, how does one utilize all of NUGL’s multimedia?

    CJ: The first step to join the NUGL family is to download the app and create a free profile. From there, they can locate their favorite brands, products, and services, and discover new ones they never knew they loved. Check us out on the web, keep up to date on everything Cannabis, CBD, and hemp-related on NUGL Magazine, and check us out on all of our social media including Instagram. We will be rolling out some really amazing events in the very near future as well, so stay tuned for those announcements and locations.

    Jessica: Now from a clients’ perspective, how does one utilize all of NUGL’s multimedia and branding opportunities?

    CJ: Definitely visit the website, or download the app, and create a profile. It’s free to be listed on the map, and for a featured profile with all of its benefits, it’s only $20 a month if you sign up now. For a personalized marketing plan, contact us at [email protected]. We can create just about anything to fit our customers’ needs, whether you are a canna-based product, service, or dispensary. We are very aware of the limitations across the web, literature, and media. So NUGL created our own outlets, free of restrictions. Once part of the family, we have the ability to cross-market for our clients, optimizing growth potential.

    Jessica: What is the difference between NUGL and Weed Maps?

    CJ: First of all, we thank Weed Maps for being the first to create the blueprint for companies like ourselves to learn from. That being said, NUGL has created its own identity. For users, the app is very simple and easy to use. We are an all-encompassing one-stop-shop and resource for products, services, and entertainment, not only for dispensaries and products but also for ancillary canna-based products and services We are a much more cost-effective way to grow your business and consumer base. NUGL offers a one-on-one marketing department that will customize to fit a company’s needs. We are able to give each company the attention they deserve and help create the building blocks to success. We aren’t the Walmart of canna-based companies, we are the personalized agency so to speak for the mom and pop shops and brick and mortars.

    Jessica: What message do you want to send to canna-based companies right now?

    CJ: Post Covid, there will be a re-emergence of small businesses and huge competition amongst them. Instead of waiting to compete with the big guys for brand recognition, we can help situate you now, so that when the smoke clears, you’ll be ready. Slow and steady wins the race. Let us help you make a name for yourself. If you think you can’t afford to market, we have options that cost little to no money. We are about promoting the industry and promoting our community. I want to urge every cannabis business to contact us, use the app, and we will help find a plan that works for you.

    Jessica: It sounds like there are big things in the works with NUGL. What can we expect in the near future?

    CJ: You are absolutely right. Our winter campaign is about to go into full effect, which includes NUGL Coins, a feature that allows our clients to earn credit to try features to help grow their business. We also have a classified section coming soon that featured profiles will be able to list on, for things such as grow space needed, or available, job postings, etc. And we are very excited to announce NUGL Marketplace, an event series that will include music, public speakers, product vendors, food, and networking opportunities.

    Jessica: This all sounds pretty amazing, and I’m certainly excited to see what’s next with NUGL! CJ, thank you so much for joining me today!

    CJ: Thank you so much for having me, it was my pleasure.

    Jessica: And to all of our readers, you can download NUGL on iOS, Android, or the website at Thank you so much for being here with us.


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