A Perspective on Current Events

    Hello Nugl family,

    I have a new year’s message ready to post but felt it was essential to postpone and address current events. This post isn’t about politics, drama, or who is right or wrong. It is about people because all of this ultimately IS about people.  Let me offer some things here for you to consider.

    These are disturbing times. No matter where you fall on the political spectrum, or even if you aren’t political at all, the events of late are destabilizing, frustrating, confusing, and scary.  Various dynamics are at play, and while some of this may seem out of your control, there are things that you can do. There is a great divide in this country, and even if you aren’t on a “side,” you have a role to play in healing and uniting our society. You do have an impact.

    If you step back, you will see two distinctively different narratives at play. Each narrative believes its side is right; the other is wrong. “We” are good, “they” are evil.  There is rigidity, judgment, intolerance, and fear of the other narrative. However, there is a third narrative, a middle. You have to be willing to find it.

    Neither side is all “right” or all “wrong.” The third way includes a little bit of “that” and a little bit of “this.” The middle allows you to have your beliefs, values, and opinions yet make space for others to have theirs, find commonalities and compromise for the greater good. The middle is a narrative of equality, opportunity, inclusivity, and freedom for all. The center is where harmony exists. Step out of the fear and drama for a moment, search your heart and your mind and look for the third path. 

    Find out where you are perpetuating the division. Where are you intolerant, judgmental, rigid, and fearful in your political stance or anywhere in your life, for that matter? As I always say, nothing changes until you do. Be more tolerant, accepting, and flexible of others while maintaining your values.  Be more inclusive. Open your mind to other ideas, approaches, and solutions that don’t exclude others.  I love a quote from a Star Wars movie that says, “absolutism is the way of the Sith”. The Sith is the bad guy, the dark, the ego.  Rigid thinking, for example, is ego based and not conducive for viable solutions or harmony. Ego = Sith, so keep yours in check.

    These are emotionally charged issues that involve fear and pain: fear of oppression, losing freedoms, fear of not having your needs met. If you look closely, these fears are in both narratives, albeit with different details.  This idea may sound outlandish to you, but there are truths and falsehoods in each narrative.  No, I’m not talking about the political party’s agenda, but the people’s beliefs aligned with the narratives. 

    Look into your heart as to why you believe what you believe and look into the heart of others. There you will find commonality and human connection. Sure, some people are unkind, mean, aggressive, and flat out jerks. But look to the heart of most others, and you will see similarities. Seek to understand these similarities, and the “other side” won’t feel so threatening. Remember there are human beings attached to these beliefs and you will reduce fear and perpetuate harmony and solutions.

    Finally, use your intuition, your gut feeling, to see the truth and be brave enough to truly SEE it. There is a lot of information out there. Some are biased, partial truths, or simply incorrect. Fear-mongering is rampant. The birth of 24-hour news has changed its focus to market-driven information more than fact-driven. Put your fear, emotion, and ego aside and let your intuition guide you to decipher what is true and false. It will bring you peace and help create the third path for our nation. Oh, and I highly suggest you limit your news consumption. Your psyche will thank you.

    There will be more unexpected events this year, that is certain.  2020 prepared us to handle sudden change better, so it is not so disruptive.  Have the courage to find the third path in all of this while maintaining your values and beliefs.  Assess where you are perpetuating the division, either politically or in general, and be more inclusive. Come from the heart and look into the heart of others to find similarities and understanding.  Use your intuition to find the truth.

    I will soon post my new year article, which will discuss a new program I will be offering this year to give you strategies to successfully navigate these times and create the life and the world you want.

    Take care of yourselves and each other.  


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