4 Fascinating Facts About Water Bongs You Need to Learn About

    Do you love smoking weed? If yes, then you must be familiar with a glass pipe and water pipe bong. Whether you want to smoke weed for medical reasons or recreational purposes, a water bong can make things more fun for you. There is just something special about smoking weed using a water bong or water bong pipe.

    Bongs are basically filtration devices that people use to smoke dry herbs. A bong defuses the smoke into the water, which allows the filtration process to begin. It makes the smoke cooler, making it easier for you to inhale the smoke. Not only this, but you can also enjoy much cleaner and more potent hits with bongs. But there are many more facts about bongs that people are not familiar with. In this post, you are going to learn about some of the fascinating facts about bongs. Having said that, let’s get into it.

    Fact 1. Your bong is based on hookahs

    Hookahs and bongs have more similarities than you would have expected. Do you know that many people believe that bongs are based on hookahs? Both hookahs and bongs come with similar structures and have similar functions too. In the Middle East and a few other regions, hookahs are widely popular. They are mainly used for smoking flavored tobacco. Now, people are even developing the craze of hookahs in the United States and North America. So, if you are a fan of bongs, you might want to try out a hookah too someday.

    Fact 2. You can find bongs made using different types of materials

    While people mostly prefer using glass water bongs, you can also find bongs made using other materials as well. Some of the most common materials (other than glass) used to make bongs include – 

    • Acrylic
    • Metal
    • Wood
    • Bamboo
    • Ceramic
    • Plastic

    Well, the best part about bongs is that you can make a bong at your home too. Yes, you can make your own bong. However, it is always a good decision to use bongs that are made with materials that are durable, attractive, and easy to clean. That is why a glass water pipe bong is so popular.

    Fact 3. There are a number of bong parts

    There are various bong parts that make up a bong. The essential parts include – 

    • Base 
    • Pipe
    • Carburetor
    • Bowl
    • Downstream

    Now, if you want to enjoy your bong, you need to have all the bong parts with you. Once you have all the parts you need, you can enjoy cleaner, potent and tastier hits. When you are buying a bong for yourself, you should also consider buying backup parts. 

    Fact 4. The size of a bong can make a huge difference

    Do you ever wonder why bongs are available in different sizes? Well, the size of your bong can actually make a difference. If you are a new smoker, it is advisable to choose a mini water bong. A huge bong will give bigger hits, resulting in a more potent high. On the other hand, smaller bongs give smaller hits, which you can inhale easily. 

    In addition to this, smaller bongs are easier to keep at home. In fact, you can even carry them around in your bags without much hassle. You can experiment with different bongs of different sizes to learn what suits you the best.

    These are some of the fascinating facts about bongs that you should be familiar with. There is no doubt that using bongs to smoke weed is more fun and enjoyable. But, make sure you keep your bong clean to keep enjoying the same quality of hits for longer.


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