2021… Connect to Your Divine Essence

    Here we are, nearly a month into a new year after 12 months of unprecedented change, crisis, and the unexpected. Yet 2020 also brought new priorities, deeper connections and compassion, and initiation of changes long overdue. 2021 will be a year of more change and will have its challenges, yet 2020 has prepared us to be better equipped to handle sudden changes and not be so derailed by them. 2021 is the year to discover and embrace your divine nature.

    Your essence is divine. That is your true nature. A new world is being forged, and it is time to discover your essence or enhance what you have already found. Four focal points will help you connect to your true nature and to create this new world with more ease and more to your liking. 

    1. Listen to Your Intuition
    2. Live in the moment
    3. Self-Awareness
    4. Creativity


    Intuition, aka gut feeling, is your inner wisdom, your inner knowing. Everyone has intuition. For some, it comes naturally; for others, it is a skill you can hone. Intuition tells you what is truth and what is falsehood, what is right and wrong for you, alerts you to danger, and guides you to action. It is always there for you.

    It is time to be guided more by your gut and less by your head, get (more) familiar and comfortable with your intuition, understand how it works, and interpret the information. Use your intuition to guide you through all areas of life, anytime you have a decision to make, need an answer, or to discover a solution.  

    Your intuition KNOWS. It is truth. It is higher wisdom, free of ego and attachment, just like your divine essence. The key is to understand when your intuition is speaking and when it is not and interpret the information correctly. Your intuition also tells you what IS truth and a falsehood, which will be an invaluable tool as we navigate the unfolding future.

    Living In The Moment

    You hear about the benefit of being present, being mindful. Now it has a new level of importance. Being in the moment, living FROM the moment is the new way to operate. When you are in the moment, you are more centered, relaxed, and calm. You receive instant clarity, answers, solutions, and inspiration. You know exactly what to do at precisely the right time. Your intuition comes through automatically, loudly, and clearly. You move through life with more ease, grace, and fun. When you are in the moment, your divine nature is at the wheel.

    Being in the moment takes practice. We live in our heads, assessing, analyzing, worrying, planning, dreading a future that may never come. That is stressful and unproductive. Think about how much you accomplish in this state and how you feel while doing it. Now think about what you could do, how you would feel if you moved through life in a more relaxed state. Doesn’t that seem like a better approach? I realize this may seem like a very tall order, but it is doable! All you need is a practice.

    Here’s what I mean by a practice: A practice is something you do regularly and consistently to calm, center, regroup, destress, and connect to Spirit. Some examples include daily meditation, walking, yoga, taking a bath, 10 minutes of deliberate breathing, lots of water, prayer, journaling, listening to binaural beats. Making a daily routine of activities of this sort gets you out of your head and into the moment. It makes you more aware of when you are not centered so that you can pause and do one of your activities at that moment to get grounded again. Having a practice is critical to your state of mind, body, and soul. It is how you stay connected to your true essence.


    Your gifts are an aspect of your divine essence. By gifts, I mean your spiritual gifts. For example, are you an empath? An intuitive? A medium? A healer? A teacher? A channel? A connector? You may not know what some of these mean, but it doesn’t mean you don’t possess one of these gifts. Once you discover and use yours, life opens up in beautiful and exciting ways, plus you can be of service and help others. These gifts are a part of who you are, and understanding them gives you a deeper understanding of yourself. If you are already aware of your spiritual gifts, it is time to utilize them more regularly.  

    Another aspect of self-awareness that is important is an awareness of your limiting beliefs. We all have limiting beliefs about ourselves, such as believing that you are unworthy of love/success/happiness, that you aren’t good enough, smart enough, pretty enough. You think that you will never have enough money; life is a struggle; you will never get what you want/need. These are just a few general examples.  

    Limiting beliefs come from upbringing, programming, experiences, and even previous lifetimes. These beliefs tell us a false narrative about ourselves and life and interfere with our ability to receive all of life’s bounty. Limiting beliefs can also prevent you from claiming your divine nature. It is time to recognize these, heal the trauma that may be associated with them, and clear them out so that you can live your fullest life. I believe in a combination of both spiritual and professional mental health modalities for this process.


    Creativity must become a part of your daily life. Why? Because creativity cultivates joy and fun. It lifts your vibration and, therefore, the vibration of the planet. It offers beauty to be shared. It connects you to your soul and your Spirit. Creativity is an expression of your divine nature.

    Being creative is merely doing what you love, what speaks to your heart, doing more of what you want to do. There will be more opportunity than before to parlay your creativity into income if you desire, or it can be more of a deliberate hobby.

    Creative ventures can be the obvious choices of art, music, writing, acting, cooking, creating something tangible from nothing. It can also be the less obvious, using your talents to be of service in some way, volunteering, creating programs for kids, or developing resources for those in need, especially after the events of 2020. Being of service to others is an expression of your divine nature.

    Use your intuition. Get a practice to be in the moment and connect with your Spirit. Become self-aware to know yourself and be free. Express your creativity and soar. This is the blueprint for embracing who you truly are and for doing your part to create our new world. Are you ready?

    SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT: Are you interested in learning more about these concepts? Are you ready to have a life that you love? Do you want to be part of the movement to create a new world of benevolence, equality, and freedom? Soon I will be launching my new program, “You Are the Tool… Personalized Strategies for Life”

    I will teach this material in private sessions and small group video sessions, with in-person events as the year allows. The work will be interactive, experiential, and fun! The program will involve an in-depth exploration of each modality, how it relates to you specifically, as well as your place in the world. Details to follow!  [email protected] 480-221-5294

    Wishing you a graceful, benevolent, and DIVINE year!


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